• East Frisian Museum of tea culture

    Am Markt, Norden, Germany .

    After two years of renovation the museum of tea culture now shows itself in a fresh appearance: living, colourful and interactive. 

    Experience the world of tea. Tea isn’t just a drink, it’s a big part of culture. In the historic town hall of Norden you can learn everything about tea and view back in Norden’s 5000 year old history. 

  • Seal rescue station

    Dörper Weg 22, Norden, Germany .

    Orphaned seal babys called “howler” are brought to the rescue station and raised for a live in the wild. Like the first rescued seal “Jan” all howlers getting names from the caregivers. You can observe the seal’s raising from a close distance. 

    Beside the heart-warming, adorable seals the rescue station offers a broad spectrum of information about the ecosystem North Sea. The rescue station plays a big role for a responsible and sustainable tourism 

  • Pilsum lighthouse

    Fasanenweg 3, Krummhörn, Germany .

    Pilsum lighthouse on the dyke close the village of Pilsum, part of the local community Krummhörn, is one of East Frisia’s most iconic sights.

  • Island Juist

    Strandstraße, Juist, Germany .

    The car-free island of Juist, also known as "Töwerland", is with 17 km the longest East Frisian island. Seemingly endless beaches and horse-powered 

    transportation are key elements of this charming isle.  


    From nearby harbour Norddeich-Mole the island can be reached by ferry in 1.5 hours and by speed-ferry in 45 minutes. Also some flights are available, which also grants the satisfaction to see East Frisias unique landscapes from above. 

    Juist is definetly a truly wonderful day trip destination.

  • National Park Wattenmeer (wadden sea)

    Nationalpark Niedersächsisches Wattenmeer, Virchowstraße, Wilhelmshaven, Germany .

    The wadden sea on Germany's North Sea coast is a declared national park since 1986. With a surface area of around 3,450 km²  

    its Germany's second largest national park. Its a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and part over UNESCO World Nature Heritage Wattenmeer. 

    Over 10,000 different species are found here. 

    Directly at the beach offers for different guided tours in this special environment can be found. 


  • Island Norderney

    Norderney, Germany .

    Norderney is the oldest North Sea spa in Germany. It's the second largest East Frisian island and the most populated one. 

    This living island offers various attractions, like the museum of the North Sea spa Norderney, which covers the swimming tradition here or the fisher house museum, existing since 1937, tells the story   of the barren lifestyle of the first island's inhabitants and the development over time to what it is today. 

    Norderney can be reached by ferry in 55 minutes from Norddeich harbour. 

  • Kite/Surf school

    Badestraße, Norden, Germany .

    The school is located directly at the Beach. 

    It offers six different sports an various courses from an entry to an advanced level. 

    The Norddeich Surf and Kite school was nation-wide one of the schools awarded QAW award for excellent education in water sports.